A love of nature

Edelweiss cultivation

Ever since he was a boy Danco was fascinated by the edelweiss flowers he would encounter when his father would take him up to the mountain pastures. So much so that he dreamed of one day seeing his farm surrounded by this rare and precious species.

Edelweiss has been a constant presence throughout Danco’s life and holds symbolic value for him, to such an extent that he has made cultivating edelweiss one of his greatest passions.

Danco taught himself how to grow edelweiss, applying great effort, devotion and perseverance. It took him years to understand and perfect the growing method most suitable for this species in this particular place; but in the end, the result was simply spectacular.


Edelweiss has numerous healing properties, including considerable antioxidant properties that have been discovered in recent years. The plant is a true anti-ageing elixir. Edelweiss is also used to treat rheumatic pain, and as an astringent cough remedy. In folk medicine, edelweiss decoctions were used to treat stomach upsets and respiratory illnesses. In short, it’s something of a cure-all!

Above all, though, Danco considers edelweiss as a flower to be cherished; a treasure chest of childhood memories. To him, it represents the inner wealth of peace and serenity that come from nurturing something.


Danco likes to describe edelweiss blooms as flowers that have many virtues and few enemies; we must simply listen to and embrace the rhythms of nature.

Edelweiss is a protected species, which means that only a limited amount can be produced; its use is restricted to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. As such, Danco sells his harvest to a local business that processes the flowers for medicinal use.

Danco is the only farmer to cultivate edelweiss in the Engadin.

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